Looking for a Concrete Grinding company in Hampton?

Are you in need of high quality concrete grinding in Melbourne? Metro Defits provides you with a professional service you can trust.

We service all areas of Melbourne, from the west to the Bayside Peninsula. Our teams rely on the latest concrete grinding solutions to prime the area with the perfect finish for your new flooring solution.


What Is Concrete Grinding?

Concrete Grinding Melbourne relies on high-powered grinding machinery to smooth down the roughest floors. We use diamond-cutting heads on our machines to level and smooth out the floor, providing the ideal surface for your new flooring fitment.

Whether you’re installing tiles, wood flooring, or laying carpet, concrete grinding gives you a perfectly flat and level surface.


Why Do I Need Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding is a must-have part of your flooring process. Whether you’re fitting new floors or stripping and replacing, concrete grinding prepares the surface for your new flooring solution.


Restore Your Commercial and Residential Concrete Surfaces

Remove paint, epoxy, debris, and deposits of industrial contaminants and grease. Concrete grinding is suitable for grinding out your patio floor for new tiles or preparing a new warehouse floor. The team at Metro Defits has experience in working on all residential and commercial applications.


Prepare Your Surface for Easy Installation

Get an easy installation for your tiles, carpets, floorboards, etc. Concrete grinding levels the surface, ensuring you don’t get any depressions, divots, or issues with your new flooring. Grinding improves the adhesion of tiles and other flooring systems, preventing cracking or hollow pockets.


Where Can I Use Concrete Grinding?

Concrete grinding is essential for preparing surfaces in various commercial and residential applications.

Commercial Concrete Grinding:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping malls
  • Office buildings
  • Apartment blocks
  • Town halls
  • New construction and refurbishment

Residential Concrete Grinding:

  • Patios
  • Concrete decks
  • Garages and Sheds
  • Rooms inside the home
  • Driveways


Why Choose Concrete Grinding Melbourne?

With Concrete Grinding Melbourne, you get the best service available in Australia. Call us for a quote; we’re ready to deliver for you.

Ethical and transparent quotes – With Concrete Grinding Melbourne, you get an honest and transparent quote. We don’t include any hidden fees. The price we give you in the estimate is the price you pay.

Professional Service – We pride ourselves on offering a professional concrete grinding service to all our customers. Our technicians are experts at preparing floors, and they’ll leave any surface with the perfect finish.

The latest grinding technology – Concrete Grinding Melbourne utilizes the latest grinding technology. We can work in dry and wet conditions with top-quality dust extraction systems and portable filtration equipment. You get a safe grind, adhering to local safety and health regulations.

Fast finishing – Our concrete grinding teams leave your floors ready for fitment in record time. You get a quick grind, with all debris removal and clean-up included in your quote.

Fully Insured – Our concrete grinding teams offer you a fully insured service for peace-of-mind. We have full coverage to meet your partner’s requirements.

Guaranteed results – Concrete Grinding Melbourne offers you a guaranteed result on your grind. We leave the base level flat, free of debris, and ready to install your new flooring system.

Trusted by Leading Brands – Concrete Grinding Melbourne works with leading companies and brands, including The GPT Group, Vicinity Centres, Simonds, and Burson Auto Parts. If these companies trust us, imagine what we can do for your home or business.


Concrete Grinding company in Hampton VIC 3188

Tile Adhesive Removal – Grind off the adhesive residue after removing tiles, and prepare the surface for your new flooring solution.

Carpet Adhesive Removal – Concrete grinding removes glues and adhesives from concrete carpeted floors.

Vinyl Adhesive Removal – Use concrete grinding to remove adhesive after stripping out vinyl flooring.

Epoxy Removal – Our concrete grinding service removes this tough adhesive from concrete floors.

Griding and Sealing – Give your floor a modern look with a professional grind and seal. This solution is ideal for bare concrete floors in commercial spaces like warehouses.

Coating Preparation – Our team prepares any surface for your new flooring solution after grinding it level and smooth.

Paint Removal – Remove old paint and prepare the surface for a new flooring solution.

Dust Sealing – Close the pores on your concrete flooring for a long-lasting surface that’s dust and dirt resistant—ideal for garage and underground parking lot floors.


What Other Services Does Concrete Grinding Melbourne Provide?

Concrete Removal – If you want to refurbish or strip your concrete driveway or flooring, call us, and we’ll send a professional to your site for a quote.

Floor Preparation – Remove old adhesives before you lay your new flooring. Our floor prep services reduce lifting and cavities in your new flooring system.

Tile Removal – Why break out your tiles yourself when we can do it for you? Our Stripout teams have plenty of experience in ripping out tiles and preparing a new flooring surface.


Concrete Grinding Melbourne by Metro Defits – Work with the Professionals

If you’re looking for the best concrete grinding service in Melbourne, call Metro Defits. Our team members have extensive training and experience in working with concrete flooring and concrete grinding solutions.

We service all areas of Melbourne, with mobile teams ready to assist you right now. Our floor prep professionals ensure you get a level, smooth surface, regardless of the application. From homes to office buildings, we have the grinding technology to smooth out any floor.

We have dozens of satisfied clients. Metro Defits is a recognized and respected brand in the industry. We’re a BROWZ member, a member of the HIA, and we’re CM3 certified.


Contact Concrete Grinding Melbourne for a Free Quote!

Contact our service center on 03 9581 2634 for a free quote. Please speak to one of our friendly consultants, and they’ll either give you a quote over the phone or send someone to your site for an estimate.

We’re confident you’ll find we have the best prices and the best concrete grinding service in Melbourne. Call us for a quote right now and find out what Metro Defits can do for your business or home.